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Factory Process Every project achieves 100% satisfaction and guarantee
At Grafix Gallery we get behind every project to provide a smooth journey at every stage, through initial design mock ups, linking together, programming and testing, until final launch and post-launch support. We offer full website designing, printing and packaging service, everything under one roof. We try to save money each time and every time, that’s our policy.

We Accumulate

The process commences from the initial research, goals, audience, readership needs, and business plans, that reflects the identity and brand of the client. It generally outlines the initial aims and objectives of the project, the deliverables, and indicates many of the customers’ expectations.

So we’ll talk through your requirements and start exploring all the options and work with you to clarify and develop until we have a full project plan and timeline.

We Assemble

Now we're getting into factory mode. The heavy thinking has been done and the project now turns towards realising the project goals. For each and every customer a customized web design and style is conceptualized. In the course of the organizing stages elements like website framework navigation particulars page data and other technical factors are laboured out.

We use a variety of project management tools to keep you up to date with progress, along with regular phone calls and emails.

We Deliver

We’ll present the work to you on our test servers for you to review. We will make sure everything goes smoothly and offer full support to help iron out any teething problems you may encounter. We’ll continue to work with you to continue developing the website and ensuring it meets your long-term goals.

We’ll work very hard to build an on-going relationship with you, based on trust. We do this by communicating openly with you at all times and making sure we deliver on our promises.

Website Features

  • Fast, simple and efficient service
  • High quality, customised design
  • Unbeatable price
  • Unique, Eye-catching and excellent web
  • Value for money
  • Search engine friendly
  • Smart phones compatible
  • No hidden charges


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